Standart Features

  • Highest quality Dacron sailcloth.
  • Computer aided design and plotting for highest performance.
  • Crosscut panel construction
  • Heavy-duty Dacron thread guarantees high strength seams plus better chafe and UV resistance.
  • Large, Triangular patch reinforcement
  • Velcro closure Batten pockets with built on strong reinforcement plates.
  • Solid glass battens
  • Leech hem lined at each seam prevents leech line chafing through stitching.
  • Leech line with cleats at reefs and clew.
  • High strength slides webbed on at headboard and clew ring for better load carrying ability.
  • Pressed stainless steel eyelets or Stainless steel corner rings, heavily reinforced with webbing.
  • Telltales on top two batten ends
  • Generous sized sailbag. 
  • Two year routine maintenance guarantee.

Optional Features

  • Shelf (Lens) foot for added performance and shape control.
  • Cunningham Radial patches.
  • Reefs Sail numbers.
  • Class or builders insignia.
  • Draft stripes.
  • Custom made acrylic sailcover.
  • Brown or tan color cloth.

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