Tri-Radial Genoa

Standart Features

  • Highest quality sail fabric, chosen for best performance and durability.
  • Efficient Tri-radial panel layout allows for strongest fabric in high load areas, lighter fabrics in low load areas.
  • Computer aided design and plotting for highest performance.
  • Large, engineered reinforcement patches for best load distribution.
  • High load seams are reinforced, taped and triple-stitched to insure highest seam strength and lowest stretch.
  • All sail and patch edges are reinforced and taped to prevent delamination in problem areas.
  • Heavy-duty Dacron thread guarantees high strength seams plus better chafe and U.V. resistance.
  • Spectra or Dacron leech and foot lines with cleating system.
  • Stainless steel corner ringsor pressed inox eyelets heavily reinforced with Dacron webbing.
  • Corners hand sewn with nylon webbing for best chafe and weather resistance.
  • Appropriate luff tape for your headstay system.
  • Luff tell-tales.
  • Generous sized sailbag.
  • Two year routine maintenance guarantee.

Optional Features

  • Tell-tale windows.
  • Visibility windows.
  • Sail numbers.
  • Draft stripes.
  • Turtle bags.
  • U.V.coated Polyester or acrylic sunedge.
  • Foam luff pad or Aeroluff™ furling systems.
Tri-Radial Genoa

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