"measure twice, cut once"

Canvas over 100 years of custom canvas has made us well aware that thesuccess of canvas work lies in the ability of the craftsman to board the boat to measure and design each piece. The old adage "measure twice, cut once" is the best guarantee for quality work at reasonable prices. Yelkenbiçer canvas work is custom-designed and fitted to your boat. Quality canvas work, which includes dodgers, sail covers, awnings, wheel covers, binnacle covers, biminis and boat covers, must be custom-fitted, which means that the boat and the loft must be in close proximity. The crowning touch of almost all sailmaking or canvas work is the sail cover, yet this one single element is given very little attention by some sailmakers. All Yelkenbiçer sail covers are made in our loft by our craftsman and not "farmed out" as many lofts tend to do. Yelkenbi�er canvas work would be a fine addition to your well appointed yacht. Please click to scrolling images to the right of this page for other examples of Yelkenbiçer's quality canvas work.


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