Custom Standing and Running Rigging 

Yelkenbiçer specializes in custom standing and running rigging, using only the finest products and materials available. Safety at sea starts aloft. We recommend a full inspection of spars and all rigging at least every two years, and always upon change of ownership. Our expert rigging team will carefully inspect swages, splices, lifelines, masthead fittings and sheaves, tangs, spreaders, the gooseneck and boom. We will notify you of our findings, including all recommendations and costs. Roller Furling. If you still haven't done it, there is more pleasure per dollar in roller furling / reefing for your headsails than in any other single sailing enhancement. Equally good for either cruising or racing, it is the way to go.Let us quote installation on your boat.

Additional Rigging Services 

  • Lightweight custom aluminum mast, boom and spinnaker poles. 
  • Custom metal fabrication including Heliarc welding of stainless steel, aluminum and bronze.

YELKENBİÇER Rope and Wire Poducts

  • Rod rigging to 40,000 lbs. 
  • Wire rigging. 
  • Rotary swaging to 1/2".
  • Nicopressing to 3/8". 
  • Ultra light sheets and halyards using technologically advanced materials. 
  • Rope to wire splices. 
  • Lifelines. 
  • Rope and wire eyesplices.

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